About Me

Hi! I’m Dennis Berti

I truly love photography, and being able to capture your true essence with a camera is one of the things I most enjoy! I like couples who really appreciate photography. My style is not for everyone, I’m a storyteller and I believe in quality and not quantity. If you are willing to share your day with me I’d be more than happy to be part of it and tell your story as it happens.


Photo by Luis Garvan

dennis-berti-cabo-wedding-photographer-888 dennis-berti-cabo-wedding-photographer-889

I’m Dennis and I’m an Italian guy who has been living and working in Mexico since 2005. I must say how happy I am with my life… I’m living in this beautiful place where people usually just come on vacation. I’m so blessed to say I live in paradise!

I’m not the best at describing my self so i’ll just mention it some things that i like:

Yoga. Play the guitar, but I only do it once a month. As a good italian, I enjoy a good meal with cheese, pasta and a glass of wine. Long walks on the beach. I like to be amazed by awesome people. I spend at least two hours a day studying on the internet. I like to party and I always the last one to leave. My mom has lots of pictures of me around the house, while my dad has just one but I’m wearing tuxedo. I’m 6,07ft tall and I’m a wedding photographer.

So, hello everyone, I’m Dennis and I know how lucky I’m having the greatest job in the world.

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