Sandy & Alfredo || Wedding Photographer Puebla, México

First of all I would like to thank you my dear friend Luigi Giordano (an amazing wedding photographer based in Puebla and Italy) for let me shoot as second at Sandy & Alfredo’s wedding. I met him a few years ago during a workshop for wedding photography in Italy and since then we planed to share a wedding together in the future, which it’s just happened! How cool is this? I really really enjoyed be part of Sandy & Alfredo’s wedding and all their 600 guests, the event was held in the city of Puebla, México. After to cover the getting ready of the bride at her house, we went to the church called Nuestra Señora del Sagrado Corazón (EL Cielo), followed by the reception at El Recuerdo. Talking about technique stuffs, I photograhed the entire wedding with my new camera, the Nikon D5, and all the photographs are taken with available light, no flash. You will maybe notice the difference, anyway I love to see reception photos with many colors as possible, there is something cinematographic in the look and the approach of this evening, love it. What do you think?
It was an incredible experience and I hope to come back again in the future in Puebla, I love this city. Thanks again Sndy & Alfredo for let me be part of your big special day. A big hug from Cabo


Reception location:


Wedding planner:

Main photographer:
fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-21 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-1 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-4 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-2 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-5 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-3 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-6 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-12 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-7 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-8 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-9
fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-10 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-11 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-14 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-16 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-17 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-18 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-19 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-22 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-20 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-23 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-25 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-26 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-27 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-24 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-28 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-29 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-30 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-31 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-32 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-33 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-37 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-33 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-36 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-34 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-38 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-39 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-39 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-57 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-40 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-47 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-56 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-41 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-42 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-44 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-43 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-45 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-46 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-48 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-50 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-53 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-55 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-51 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-58 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-59 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-54 fotografo-de-boda-puebla-mexico-52

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Although my site primarily focuses on the photography side of events, I’m not opposed to sharing advice and expertise here and there to spark inspiration for my readers. Since wedding season is vastly approaching, what better topic to discuss than wedding planning?

Wedding planning has various stages–all exciting, but can be overwhelming at times. With any event as involved as a wedding, the logistics require diligence. The need to pay close attention to detail is crucial and I’ve found that with a little assistance from WeddingWire and their Vendor Booking Timeline, it can help make the planning process a tad bit easier and more organized. It’s important to remember that this journey should be an enjoyable and memorable experience for the bride and groom, so less stress is best!

One of the first steps in planning a wedding is booking your venue location. You should base your venue selections on your budget and theme. To help get the ball rolling, do some research on the venues nearest you or check out some of WeddingWire’s most popular locations to get an idea of the beautiful settings they have to offer.

Once you’ve booked your venue, the rest will follow. It’s important that all pieces of the event flow. Make sure that the other vendors fit your theme-you wouldn’t want nautical invites for your winter wonderland wedding!

As the big day approaches, the more pressure you might feel. But the good news is there are only a few more vendors to book! Luckily the men’s attire is something that can be saved for one of final steps; renting a tux is a less tedious process than wedding dress shopping.

And finally, the wedding favors and wedding rings- both still important elements but ones that can be done once the bigger items are taken care of.


I hope all you couples planning your wedding find WeddingWire’s Vendor Booking Timeline useful!

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Dulce and Jesse || Flora Farm || Destination Wedding Los Cabos

Let me share this time Dulce & Jesse’s wedding. First of all I would like to thank el “mitico” Gonzalo for let me shoot as second photographer at his wedding.  The event was held in the charming a ten-acre organic farm in the foothills of San Jose del Cabo, Mexico called Flora Farms. The day was beautiful and I was lucky enough to shoot all day long with a terrific light, just the kind of light I love to use. A very easy going and awesome couple, thanks again Dulce and Jesse, I had such a great time.

Main photographer: Gonzalo Verdeja || Wedding coordinator: Karla Casillas || Wedding venue: Flora Farms


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Cabo Destination Wedding at One & Only Palmilla resort

This time I have the great pleasure to introduce to you the Lizzy & John’s wedding, in the beautiful One & Only Palmilla Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico. An intimate Los Cabos destination wedding surrounded but a small group of closest family and friends. Hope you enjoy it.

A special thanks to the second photographer Gonzalo Verdeja

Dennis Berti Best Mexico Wedding Photographer

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  • Gonzalo VerdejaFebruary 2, 2017 - 8:21 PM

    Muy buenas como siempre, ese segundo fotografo se ve que es muy muy bueno :)ReplyCancel

  • LuisFebruary 2, 2017 - 8:41 PM

    Fantásticas fotos buen trabajoReplyCancel

  • AleksFebruary 2, 2017 - 9:14 PM

    WAW!!! WAW!!! Dennis this is stunning set of frames, one of the best I see!!!ReplyCancel

  • DavidFebruary 2, 2017 - 10:18 PM

    Eres todo una inspiración para nosotros!!! Felicidades por tu trabajo!!!ReplyCancel