Do you only shoot in Mexico? No I don’t! I love to travel and I’d be happy to shoot your wedding wherever it takes place. Except Alaska in winter… it’ so cold.

Do you also shoot video?  Nope. I’m just a photographers. A really good photographer! :)

Should we meet you before the wedding?  Of course. I highly recommend we meet you both a few days before the wedding to get to know each other, drink some coffee and talk about the two of you and your wedding.

When do we see our pictures? You will have the online gallery ready 6-8 weeks after the wedding, ready for your to download.

How does the proofing gallery work? It’s a password protected collection of all of your wedding photos hosted on the web. Once the photos are ready we will send you the link to your gallery so that you can share it with family and friends (if you want). You can also order prints directly using your online gallery.

How do we hire you? Once I confirm my availability for your date I require a 20% deposit. This retainer secures the date, time and our services for your wedding day. Next, we will both sign a wedding photography contract.

What’s your cancellation policy? Once you sign our photography contract, I block your wedding date for you only and do not accept other events the same day. For this reason, the initial deposit is non-refundable, but I can certainly transfer the deposit to another date based on availability.

How many pictures do I deliver? The number of pictures I take during your event depends on many factors: Type of event, number of guests and hours of coverage, among others. On average, I delivery between 40 and 70 images an hour. To provide an example, for 10 hours of coverage you will receive 400-700 photographs.

What about family portraits on the wedding day? I’m happy to take them if you ask. Normally I don’t take posed or formal pictures, as we prefer to capture your guests in the most natural and spontaneous moments, but if you really, really want a formal frame, I will do it for sure.

Talking about poses…  No awkward poses = no fake smiles. Nobody likes that, much less the couple on their wedding day. Ok, Ok… sometimes I will ask you for a few poses, but nothing weird or overly classic. I don’t like to force the moment.

Can we give you a list of photographs we want you to take? I don’t like bridezilla lists! Most of the time that list describes family pictures with bride/groom, general details and moments we as photographers usually shoot. We will discuss your requests during our meeting in the days leading up to the wedding.

What about food? You are not obligated to feed me, but it’s always nice to eat a sandwich and fries to recharge batteries for the hours to come!


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