Mirrorless vs DSLR Camera | Fujifilm X100s review

A few weeks ago i decided to buy the new Fujifilm X100s. I heard so many good things about this new mirrorless camera pearl and after investigate a lot, i decide it could be the right camera for me. I was looking the perfect commitment for a carry on camera with at least these requirements: optical viewfinder, silent, not so much expansive, no zoom lens, great image quality. The new X100s it was the perfect camera for me, to always carry it with me, for street photography, for my vacation and for hobby.

After a few shots, when i downloaded the photos i realized that the final quality was amazing, exceeding my expectations. So i decided i have to try it for shoot weddings. So i contact a few local photographers-friends of mine and ask them to let me try this camera on a wedding, as invited second shooter. My friend Tomas Barron answered me: “Of course my friend, let’s rock” and i shoot with him. Thank you so much my friend for the opportunity!

The camera is so silent that nobody are realizing a photographer is taking photos, actually nobody was looking at me like a professional photographer, but just like a simple guest. And this is amazing, to pass unnoticed. The camera quality is so good for the weight and the price. I have to tell you that i’m very comfortable with my Nikon D700’s shooting a wedding and i guess the Fuji X100s is NOT yet a camera for shooting weddings. I mean you can but you gonna miss many shots. The Fuji is fast, more than i was expecting, but the autofocus in low light condition doesn’t work very well and sometimes to focus it takes the 50% more of the time you are expecting, and you already lost the frame. As documentary wedding photographer i need a super fast camera to be sure i don’t miss any moment and now, the Fujifilm X100s is not the right camera for shoot wedding with a documentary approach.

The ISO quality is impressive, the last three shots are taken at ISO 5000 with 1/125 at F/2 and the quality is still comparable to a reflex. My final score for this camera is 9. But i’m sure that in the future, after new improvements and new technology features, i will really think about to switch to the mirrorless system. In my poor opinion, it’s the future. Thank you again Tomas for the invitation.

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