Kids at weddings


The children who attend weddings can be the funniest thing, even if they don’t believe so, especially that they, obviously, don’t enjoy a wedding like adults do. Moreover, the weddings are not planned for children. If they are just a few, or only one, the boredom is assured for them. For us photographers, it gives the opportunity to stop and observe their behavior and their reactions when they had enough with the grown-up stuff. Bored, curious, dancers, whiners, funny and why not the ones who take advantage of the loving grandparents for their own fun. (Yes, some kids had their own ways to avoid being bored).

I gave myself the task of finding wedding photos from previous years and I made a small selection in honor of the little/small guests, who end up, many times, sleeping on chairs when the party is just beginning :)


They don’t even taste their own cake yet.

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