Half day with the Garufi’s | Lifestyle family photo session

I know Emanuele since I was six years old (a long time ago), we were at the same school: 1st grade. But after many many years, once we found each other again thanks to Facebook, things are changed :-) The family is bigger now! And I live in Mexico. But every time I travel in Italy I have the privilege to document with a lifestyle family photo session, an ordinary day of their life. It was not the first time, it’s four year in a row, wow! Such a great responsibility to be the official photographer of the family haha, but I’m so happy to see how Elaide and Elia have grown. It’s a truly amazing family! Love you guys! Here the first session I took four years ago: click on this link

Thank you so much for trust in me, we will keep shooting and shooting, years after years. Big hug for Alice, Emanuele, Elaide ed Elia and the cousins!

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