Me being a weird, wild, anti-school kind of child. I loved playing Street Fighter ran home to watch ‘Ken il guerriero’ (a.k.a. Hokuto no Ken) adventures on Junior TV, and listened music untiringly (the first two cassettes that I ever bought, at the age of 10, were: Europe, The Final Countdown and Queen, Greatest Hits II; of course I know them backwards and forwards).

In my youth I had several crazy fun jobs (welder, pizza maker, delivery boy, car driver, pottery instructor, and so on). I loved to play basketball and used to play guitar (and rarely the bass) with my friends to earn a bit of extra pocket money, which was really a misery but in those days it seemed like gold.

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At 18, I found out that besides being a permanently recovering chocolate addict, from there on I would be dealing with a more dangerous and demanding type of addiction: photography


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