Cabo Wedding Photographer | A glance inside this haunting destination

09 July 2020

Los Cabos is a marvelous choice for weddings in beach destinations. You can find options for all moods, personalities, tastes and ages!

Cabo Wedding Photographer revealing some insights into this beach destination

"I've been admiring Los Cabos surroundings and vibes for a decade, and I still get excited every time I discover a new spot or capture a different perspective with my camera. There is no doubt that it is a privileged location with endless possibilities to enjoy and celebrate love and life!".

Los Cabos Destination Wedding Venue
Los Cabos Destination Wedding Venue
Los Cabos Destination Wedding Venue

Having a destination wedding is already a worthy adventure in itself!

But having a Cabo Destination Wedding also gives you the opportunity to have a very dynamic celebration. With fun, relaxed, and romantic activities and settings, all at once.

As a Cabo Wedding Photographer, what do you like most about this destination?

I love that Cabo has so many options for weddings. You can find places and services for all moods, personalities, tastes and ages.

It is also true that we are surrounded by wonderful settings and spectacular views. But what I enjoy the most is the kind of people who choose Los cabos for their destination wedding, they are usually happy, relaxed and with a very good vibe. Another benefit of the destination is the opportunity to enjoy the flavor of Mexico, its food, its music and the desire to always have a good time.

What is the biggest challenge you face as a Beach Wedding Photographer?

After so many years, my daily personal challenge remains to offer variety and a new perspective every time I tell a wedding-story.

If you search the internet for beach wedding photos, the vast majority look same all same all, in part because the three predominant elements in a beach setting are sand, sea, and sky. So for me it is about looking for those extra elements that make that photo a unique shot. My challenge is for my storytelling to project the details that their eyes enjoyed during their celebration, and are totally worth remembering.

If someone is thinking of getting married in Cabo, what would you recommend?

I would recommend they carefully choose their Cabo wedding venue, cause it determines the mood and backdrop of the day.

I think selecting their wedding venue is one of the first and biggest decisions they'll make as an engaged couple —it will influence their vendors, budget, decoration, and even attire— but if they choose it well, it could be a dreamed background for their story. There are many options in Los Cabos, from luxurious villas, to famous resorts, or peculiar venues. And each one has its charm. The villas give you more privacy and allow you to have a more intimate celebration. The hotels have a great service that allows you to forget everything, while you and all your people enjoy a few days of vacation together. And venues offer settings such as farms or small tropical paradises, which give a unique touch to the day and transmit a peculiar attitude to the guests.

Indeed there are many Top Los Cabos Wedding Venues, Villas & Resorts -and more and more keep coming! Here are some of the best known:

How can we take a look at some Cabo wedding stories you had shot recently?


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