Hey Laura & Bobby!

How are you guys?... Hope everything is super duper fine :-)

I'm almost finished working on your photos. In a couple of weeks hopefully I'll send you all the photos of your wedding, it's work in progress :-) Meanwhile, I figured maybe you guys were ready for a sneak peek, So I thought about sharing a surprise with you!

But wait!

Before you move on: I recommend that you follow some practical instructions, to maximize the experience ;-) It will be very easy, trust me... Please follow this steps:

First of all, you have to be together :-) Secondly, you need a good internet connection. And third, I suggest something to drink such as wine or cocktails...

Ok, good speakers are also welcome too! LOL. You can send me by the message the set up of your preparation, that would be awesome ;-) Or maybe you want to take it to the next level, which would be super awesome and very rewarded :-) How? Just record your reactions looking at the slideshow for the very first time. You don't need to do something else, maybe just use your iPhone, and forget about it. Then you send the video to me. Very easy! Can you do that for me? I would always be grateful. When I delivery a wedding, a part of me it's still asking: "How people react watching the photos for the very first time?"


Here we go...

Once you click on the PLAY button, immediately click on the FULL SCREEN button... And then, just enjoy it!


This is a gift for you guys! The link will remain online for a long time and you can share with all your family and friends, there are such great moments for everybody to remember!

I hope you enjoy seeing the photos and living your wedding day again. Once you have time, it would be fantastic if you share your feedback with me.

Have a beautiful day, and we'll talk soon. All the photos of your wedding are almost ready for you, this is just a brief story for you!

Ciao, D.

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