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We hear a lot about Cabo Wedding Photographers and Cabo Destination Weddings. But what exactly is that?

I would like to start this post explaining first of all what the words “Los Cabos” mean. At the southern tip of Baja California Sur, the two most important cities are Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. Each one is called different, but both including the word Cabo in the singular. The international airport, for example, is in SJC, while the Marina and the Arch are in CSL. If you want to mention the entire municipality area without specifying any city (but including everything in between), the word Cabo in the plural is used. So, the two Cabos become “Los Cabos.” Capisce? :-)

Nowadays, many people also use the word “Cabo” as a modern abbreviation, and which also already has a more global meaning. So, a Cabo Wedding Photographer is a local wedding photographer, who lives and works in “Los Cabos” area.

Los Cabos is one of the best known and desired destination for the US market

It is usual that a couple who lives in the US decide to marry in Cabo. Where they enjoy from a different country, environment, and atmosphere, of those they see every day in their city or country of residence. This is precisely what is called a “Destination Wedding,” that is, getting married in another country. And because of the proximity of Mexico to the United States, the entire process is facilitated. With the help of a qualified wedding planner, and having all your ideas clear, a couple can plan a “Cabo Destination Wedding” in a fantastic place (a destination wedding in Los Cabos). A couple of inspection visits to the venues and a few hours of flight time are worth it!

Los Cabos and its surroundings have great potential

There are an incredible variety of options, from private Villas near the sea, boutique-themed hotels, farms, as well as luxurious hotels, to all-inclusive. Being located between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, the climate is incredible almost all year round. Its landscapes and scenarios are stunning. In Los Cabos, many weddings are happening every day, and in high season on weekends, that number rises noticeably.

Unscripted Wedding Photography

Unscripted Wedding Photography

Living in Mexico since 2005 and here in Cabo since 2011, I have experienced exponential growth in the number of events held in Cabo. And as those who have been here for more years have told me, the place has grown at incredible rates. I feel that this is the organic evolution of any growing tourist destination: more people, more demand, more offers. Logically, if the number of people demanding to get married in Los Cabos grew, professionals and suppliers also grew up offering services for clients who want to get married. But, among all these services, let’s talk for a second, one of the most important: wedding photography.

Each couple has their own priorities, right?

For some, photography is even more important than the venue chosen, for others, it is merely a necessity. And the latter do not necessarily look for a camera artist or someone with a unique style or a different approach ... No, they just want to have a few “traditional” photos to cover the little need to have a few pictures of the day, and that is all. Wedding photography is not a top priority for everyone.

It is also true that, in a place where they handle many weddings daily, they even end up having to manage many numbers, providers, and partnerships. So, they prefer to offer the same options they already know that works; instead of boosting to do things differently or more artistically.

—Fearlessly Authentic!

I believe Wedding Photography is not just about complying with some traditional photos. And it is certainly not about taking the same images (or poses) that you already took last weekend to another couple. Instead of serial production, for me, it is a personalized story. According to who my clients really are and their true essence, I can tell better their true wedding-story.

Just before addressing more about wedding photography, an important issue: as I said above, Los Cabos is an incredible destination, with tremendous potential. Yet, if you want to maximize your wedding day experience, I recommend that you take your wedding planning as an adventure together. Start by deciding on some straightforward aspects that can help you feel more comfortable and authentic on your wedding day. You just need to be crystal clear about what are your expectations as a couple, if you want to get married there.

Some questions you could ask yourselves are:

  • Do we really want to choose a beach destination or not?
  • Do we literally want to step on the sand?
  • Do we want a large hotel with many services or do we prefer something small and more intimate?
  • Are we looking for a place with suitable facilities for children?
  • Are we looking to accommodate our families and spend several days there with them? Or will the wedding day be in a different place?
  • Does our wedding have a particular theme?
  • What kind of help are we looking for? A wedding planner?
  • Are we looking for vendors on our own, or are we looking for recommendations?
  • What are our priorities?
  • What do we most crave about our wedding?
  • Do we want pictures of our wedding day? Or better yet, What would we like to remember from that day over time?
  • Etc... :-)

As the answers come out, the options are filtered, and finally, everything is better understood. Do you have general questions or advice that you are looking for? With pleasure, I will be available, just drop me a few lines.

Cabo Wedding Photography

Now, back to the depths of wedding photography, I want to share with you some ideas on: “How to choose the Cabo Wedding Photographer that best matches your needs.” So you get accurately what you are looking for. Some quick tips:

First of all, trust your instinct.

Now that we’re almost in 2020, wedding photography has evolved a lot. There are no preconceptions anymore. We are no longer restricted to replicating the same photographs, over and over again. LOL

Seriously speaking, like many areas in our lives, it is fortunate that we can choose. There are many subgenres of wedding photography, and I recommend picking the one that best represents you.

For example, what do I take care of? My style is called: Honest Visual Storytelling (I recommend my post where I explain my style with details). In summary, I seek to fully tell the real and unique story of your wedding. Capturing real moments, of laughs and real emotions, of real people in their most intimate authenticity. I genuinely believe that there is NO need for uncomfortable poses or list of must-have photos for weddings. Trust me, and let me take care of the What and How. I just need you to enjoy your wedding story! :-) If you feel you have a match with my style, do not hesitate, write to me now!

A photographer’s portfolio and blog speak for itself.

Look for patterns among all the photos, to understand the style of each Cabo Wedding Photographer. If you take an in-depth look at the work of any photographer, you will understand what his/her priorities are when shooting each photo. And there you wonder, are they the same as ours?

What shapes a photographer, are not just some individual factors, but the combination of all of them: (in no particular order) professionalism, experience, vision, technique, ethics, creativity, and many more ... That’s why I think the first filter is by instinct.

Finally, remember that the photographs of your wedding are the most essential recollections because they will last over time. So, the first decision is yours, contact the photographers with whom you feel most identified.

There are a lot of options for all tastes. I am sure that you will choose the best possible option for you. The most important thing is to feel something that connects you with the photographer, not so much that you like some of his photos. To fully understand a photographer’s style; identify the most persistent message in his photographs.

In the right choice is the secret.

Good vibes

—The authentic self is the soul made visible—

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