Five years of family photos with the Garufi's | Italy

It is human nature to hold on to memories. And when it comes to family photographs, what really matters is that they manage to tell us a story. It indeed reminds us as many details as possible of "those beautiful family moments"

Seems like an eternity

It was the mythical year of 1984 in the small town of Quercianella, in Italy. I was six years old, and it was time for me to begin the great adventure of going to elementary school. Right from the first year, I met Emanuele, one of my classmates. With him and other local boys, we spent a very happy childhood together, enjoying the small town and fun sea summers. But by the time high school started, I had moved to the city, and after a short time, we lost contact. We would not see each other again for a long time.

Around 2013 I received an unexpected surprise, Emanuele along with his wife Alice, managed to contact me! In addition to the joy that gave me to hear from him again, and the pleasant talk about updating us through time, something even more unexpected (but beautiful) happened. It was a great satisfaction to know that they not only followed my work and appreciated my vision. But that they were openly interested in me taking them some family photos.

Alice and Emanuele wanted real, authentic photos for their family memories to witness what an ordinary-day was like in their lives. Oh yeah

It is so exciting when people share with me the desire to 'freeze' our precious memories through photographs!

For some, it is interesting the idea of having a traditional family photo session. Where the whole family dresses the same "to combine in the shot," and goes to a particular park for the first time -"because there, the photos come out better"-. They may even choose their photographer based on the experience they may have in handling children, to achieve a higher number of shots in which "everyone looks good."

To tell the story of a real family day, there is no need to prepare the photo, the pose, the place, the coordinated smile, or having to follow instructions from a photographer.

After all, what matters over time is to have some photos that indeed remind us of "those times"

When we see an image that we automatically recognize as real, honest, and unscripted, we can relive past moments and prevent simple details from fading into oblivion. So, when you go through the narrative, you know exactly how "a day in the life" was. Or rather, a day of your life.

I like it when my photography witnesses emotions, memorable moments, revealing details or amplified feelings, etc. In a family photo, we should be able to appreciate many things and be able to read a lot of information.

Context is crucial for the narrative! The time of the year, the clothes or toys we used, our reactions, and everything we didn't even see around us (or didn't remember) but happened that day

According to Wikipedia, In the context of human society, a family (from Latin: familia) is a group of people related either by consanguinity (by recognized birth) or affinity (by marriage or other relationship). The purpose of families is to maintain the well-being of its members and of society.

And, according to Dennis Berti, In the context of photography, family storytelling is a chronological collection of honest photographs to document a beautiful day of your life, and everything that comes with it. The purpose of family photography is to maintain the precious memories of its members and love ones.

And that was precisely what Emanuele and his family wanted. So, since 2013 every time we have been able to coincide in Italy, we meet for a Family photo session.

I have been documenting the Garufi family for five years now, and we are all happy!

I am honored to be, year after year, the official photographer in charge of documenting the growth and evolution of the family. And they have incredible memories every year. Little by little, we see little Adelaide and Elias growing. Isn't that amazing?

Closing up, there are so many names and styles out there when we talk about family photos. It could be a family photo session. Or a day in the life session. Or documentary family photography. Some want candid family photos, and some prefer posed sessions. I guess you will find an option for every taste. And best of all, your family memories will endure over time.

By my side, I would say I don't shoot family LOL. But I do Honest Family Storytelling Photography. If you agree with me, send me an email, and I will make it happen for your family too :-)

Have a great day, and

Good vibes


Garufi Family Storytelling

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