Vineyard Wedding at Bruma | Ensenada, Baja California

Getting married in a vineyard venue surrounded by breathtaking landscapes is an amazing experience. Hope you enjoy this unique Mexico vineyard wedding in Ensenada

I remember when I first met Jorge, the groom. He’s a very talented photographer and diver, and he expressed to me in a very accurate way what he and her partner Lucila were looking for in terms of photography.

I remember we talked of the freedom I need to be creative, which is a key for me; from the beginning we perfectly understood each other. I talked later with Lucilla but I didn’t meet her until the day prior of the wedding. So far, he was in charge for photography :-)

This wedding took place in a beautiful vineyard in the Valle de Guadalupe wine route, in Ensenada Baja California Sur. The venue is called Bruma, and it was a great location for the getting ready and the reception. The ceremony was at the local catedral of this small magic town, where I saw for the first time the mighty red truck :-) here is the story about it in a few words: The bride, Lucila, saw this truck in the street, driven by an old man. She immediately talked with Jorge about how great would it be to arrive at the church with this peculiar car instead of a classic limousine or “modern car”. They loved so much the truck that they decided to make a proposal to the old man: he accepted.

I think, we all should follow our instincts, chase our tastes, and believe in who we are and what we want. But not just believe it, but to feel it also. Jorge and Lucila are this kind of people: free spirits, authentic souls.

What I enjoyed more about this wedding

  • Unknown location.
    It’s always good for me to shoot in a new place besides what people can think. I know, I know. If you are shooting in the same place where you already had work, it would probably be easier, because you have been there already; and maybe for logistic details it could be true, but talking about creativity I love to shoot in places I had not been before: shooting with new challenges and out of your comfort zone (which is great), both amazing key factors for the kind of photos I like to take.
  • Getting ready venue in a low level big backyard.
    The magnitude of the gardens, vineyards and outdoor areas around the Bruma hotel, are really breathtaking. There is a sensation of vastness around you; with just a few modern and minimalist rooms, a restaurant and amazing bathrooms (you need to see them). I love when I’m shooting getting ready photos without staying in a small room only, but walking a lot between different rooms, using outdoor areas to capture the unscripted moments of people being around, using the pools or lounge gardens, etc. Everything gives me more material to play with, so the story will be full of details with a lot of great shots.
  • No formalities.
    I loved the fact that Lucila intentionally saw Jorge prior to getting dress, because was necessary. He wasn’t feeling so well, maybe a little bit BIG day, or just a deep love and care about his soul mate. So, they saw each other, half dressed, they talked, they give each other tender hugs... well, some amazing and authentic shots came out with no need to tell them what to do because it just happened in the most organic way. They chose to see each other without even talking to me (which is awesome), and it happened I was there: ninja style, always!


Whatever you think could fit in your event, about decoration, location, catering, transportation or just random crazinesses with the real “essence” of you, do it. Don’t hesitate. If you feel the match move forward, just do it. A marriage surely is the beginning of a journey with your partner and the starter point, the trigger, is the wedding itself. Being you the core of the wedding day, because everything is about and around you, you can and should do whatever you want, it’s your special day, your big celebration... so, make it as unique as you (like Lucila and her red car!).

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