East Cape Beach Wedding | Casa Laguna, Mexico

A laid-back destination wedding in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. Casa Laguna is the perfect venue for a beach wedding | East Cape Wedding Mexico | Wedding Photography Storytelling

What does a Mexico destination wedding really is about? Why do people are getting married abroad? I guess it’s very personal the WHY and the reasons can be many. But this is what Mallory and Eli explained to me when I met them online for the first time:

“We are planning a non-traditional wedding. To allow us to spend more time with our guests and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Cabo. It’s gonna be only one day event, but a big celebration, starting with a beach party in the morning, passing for a intimate and romantic beach ceremony at sunset time, an unusual wedding reception, (I mean with NO dinner seats assigned), and a killer party all night long with a lot of alcohol, until the last man standing :-)

There won’t be a bouquet, nor bridesmaids or bridal party (either maid of honor or best man, or a male of honor LOL), and no cut of the cake: we are not that kind of people. We just want the day to be casual, fun, and to spend a lot of time with our favorite people in the world”...

Ok guys, got it. Wonderful, that’s what I’m talking about. This is a key for the pursuit of happiness, at least for one day: relax all day long, in a private luxury villa (not ocean front only, but literally builded on the beach) with all your family and friends.

Dennis-Berti-storytelling-casa-laguna-cabo-wedding 7

Guess they’ll interact together during different stages of the day, with different outfits, and with different level of alcohol in the blood :-) No strict timeline, not so much formality. It’s all about the celebration of 75 people, all together, having a good time in one beach house! It looks like awesome, Di Lusso!

And the venue, oh yeah: Casa Laguna in San José del Cabo. This part of the Baja California Sur is called East Cape, is an amazing spot if you’re looking for great beaches for surf, and privacy for you and your guests.

What I enjoyed more about this wedding:

  • Two parties in the same wedding: morning and night. Fun and double material :-)
  • To work with strong light in the morning: love the deep shadows and an amazing full blue.
  • No formal tables for the reception. Freestyle!
  • Same location all day long. All people around, for sure are 100% related to the wedding :-)
  • Jumping in the pool at the end of the night. So much fun and many wet people around. (Special Thanks to my Nikon D5, for your performance in severe “wet” conditions of this wedding!)

Wedding Tip of the day:

Be bold, be authentic, be fearless. The wedding day is for you, it’s not for others. Make a statement with your partner at the planning first stage, what your “wedding” goals are, the MUST’s, what for sure you don’t want ... What do you want to remember? Keep in mind the photos are for you, not for me LOL... they will reflect the essence of you and how great your special day was. So just be yourself and fast your seatbelts.

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