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Thank you for your interest in my art! Here, the most frequent asked questions (FAQs) and facts about storytelling for weddings. Understanding better my purpose and vision in wedding photography as an Honest Visual Storyteller | Wedding Photography FAQ's

I hope the following answers will provide you a large scoop about collaborating with me and what makes that experience so unique (especially for weddings!). Please let me know more about you and your story, [here!]

What is the difference between wedding photographer and visual storyteller?

The difference is that as a visual storyteller I focus on emotions, details and events that unfold naturally. I look for beauty in the unscripted authenticity, and I work like a photojournalist to document what makes your story like no one else’s. When I arrive at your wedding, I arrive with an open mind and heart, without preconceived notions or a mental list of “must have” photographs. That way I’m able to truly see what is real and relevant. As a visual storyteller, I seek flexibility and freedom in my coverage but is because I know that my approach will create compelling, memorable photographs.

What makes your photography stand out from the crowd?

It’s all about cool compositions with compelling context, visual cleanliness, ease of reading, great light, beautiful contrasts, and engaging juxtapositions, with an auspicious use of the unscripted circumstances. Because the big difference happens through all the little details.

The right moments make us smile

Do you shoot commercial, fashion, press, or corporate events?

I love photography and everything it entails. If you connect with my unscripted documentary approach I can apply my storytelling to any situation. Please fill my contact form [here] so we can go in-depth with your ideas and come up with the perfect project.

I love photography and everything it entails

Do you apply any kind of retouching to your photographs?

My pictures are edited in a very light and non–intrusive way. The photos are optimized for the highest quality with a natural look. I edit them one by one for details such as exposure, white balance, contrast, curves, color tones, sharpening and of course the crop (my favorite part to highlight the right composition). I don’t use Photoshop at all, because it goes against my ethics. I never produce fake porcelain complexions, I don’t make up sunny days, and I don’t remove wrinkles that are part of your natural beauty. But I do take stunning pictures with available light, and I work hard in the moment to make your final shots amazing. I don’t want to change you, I want to capture you exactly as you are.

How do we know if you are the right photographer for us?

Actually, that part is very simple. if you prioritize having a carefree wedding (or any event) that doesn’t require you to think about the photos or try to look a certain way, then we are a perfect fit. If you want your photos to reflect beautiful moments that you actually experienced, along with a ton of things you didn’t see or even imagined would have happened, drop me a line I think we can create some art together! ;-)

— The HOW

“The world needs more dreamers, storytellers, change makers, and action takers”

What do you think of family photos?

Family photos are more frequently requested by relatives than by the couples I work with, and I don’t encourage or insist that you have them taken. If you think that posed and classic family photos are not necessary nowadays, that’s perfect. However, if you feel you really need them, a passionate and/or professional second shooter should be considered.

Do you work alone or with a second photographer?

I work alone. When you commission me for you wedding story you get my work and my unique style so your collection is honestly cohesive; even though I am able to arrange for a second photographer if you have special requests for additional coverage.

Will there be any posed shots?

Nope, none at all. Yet you’ll still get gorgeous shots of yourself looking great in the moment :) My goal is to make your photos as natural as possible without breaking the flow. Instead of telling you to walk, kiss or laugh at a certain moment, I simply focus on the moments when you naturally walk, kiss and laugh together all on your own, if it happens. There really is no comparison between reality and pretend. Should you desire a few posed (and very artistic) photographs, I recommend you see the post about my "Break the Rules" sessions.

My goal is to make your photos as natural as possible without breaking the flow

Do you shoot video?

I do not offer video services. My artwork is based on still photography and I focus on that exclusively.

Will my photos be in color and/or black & white?

You are going to receive a selection of high resolution files; everything will be in color, and a few select photographs will be in black and white. All the pictures are born in color, but there will be a few that to my vision are destined to be great in black and white. You can trust me to choose the black and white version only when it is worth it.

Do you have a dress code?

Usually I dress the same as your guests (or maybe a hairline below). My priority is to be super comfortable, free and agile. I will climb, jump, run, sweat, and get stepped on to get the perfect compositions. If you have a dress code you would like me to follow, just let me know and I will be inspired to fit in.

What kind of gear do you use?

My camera is the highest professional quality Nikon DSLR and after years of shooting it feels like an extension of my hand. I usually work with 3 lenses and I always have back-up gear. I very rarely use flash or light modifiers, and I prefer the touch, look and power of a photo captured with the light that is present. Artificial lights change the mood and therefore the story, so I use them only when absolutely necessary.

Do you deliver all the photographs you take?

I select the photos that comprise your complete collection. My style requires speed and precision, and to capture the precise moments I take several versions from different angles until I get the best option. You will get the best of those photos carefully created to make your story seamless and artistically consistent.

— The WHAT

“Do you want to be ordinary or extraordinary? To be extraordinary, you must be able to trust. It’s the only way to access the synergistic power of teamwork”

How can I book a date with you or hire you?

It’s easy! Please let me know more about the coverage and if I am still available the next step would be to formally lock the date through contract and retainer.

How long before you recommend that I book my date with you?

I recommend you that you book six months to one year in advance as my calendar fills up continually. If you are getting married on a Saturday or holiday, please contact me asap to ensure your date is still doable.

Will I get the 'copyright' of my images?

By law, copyright belongs to the creator of the artwork. However, my wedding contracts guarantee you can print and share all of your photographs as much as you wish for personal use. For all other projects that are not wedding related the terms are negotiable.

How many photographs do you deliver?

The final count will reflect many factors including the number of guests, locations, ceremonies and interactions, and how many days are included in the coverage. My goal is to give you a complete story collection rather than selling you individual photographs. In most cases photo collections range from 350 to 600 photographs depending on the optimal number needed.

Do you charge travel expenses or other extra fees?

My travel expenses will be included in your coverage fee (except the hotel room if that applies). On some occasions other expenses may be added for additional days of coverage or items like venue fees. I will look forward to going over the details with you when we connect.

How do you handle the payment schedule?

I request a 20% deposit to secure your date. The rest of the payment has be made prior to the wedding based on a schedule we agree on together.

Should we provide food during coverage?

That would be wonderful. For events that last more than 3 hours a little protein can go a long way. To ensure nothing is missed let’s talk about timing when we finalize the details.

— The WHY

“The level of achievement we have in anything is a reflection of the ability we have to focus on that. Because the only thing that is holding you back, is your way of thinking”

How would you describe your photography style?

I call my style honest visual storytelling, which means that I use my photography as a visual medium (taking great care with the composition and light) to tell your real and unscripted story as it unfolded. I use that approach because I’ve never seen a posed smile look as radiant as a real one, and I’ve never met a couple who didn’t want to relive the memories of their wedding story in a way that feels truly authentic. When I am working, I try to be as silent and imperceptible as possible because whenever people forget their being photographed, real moments and emotions arise without direction! I guess that is why I try to shoot like a “ninja”, because embodying that super power makes me highly effective and nearly invisible. To read more about my style please read [this post] that is completely dedicated to my philosophy.

"the unscripted story"

"the unscripted story"

silent and imperceptible as possible because whenever people forget their being photographed, real moments and emotions arise without direction

Why is honesty so important to you and your photography?

Because I believe that there is no greater power than saying and revealing the truth. Having the full story of your wedding told in an honest way means that you get to hold the moments that really happened, the ones you witnessed and the ones you didn’t even know took place. Plus, you get to enjoy being present to those around you while you dive into the joy of your wedding day.


Moments in time

All is memory

How many hours are included in your coverage?

To be able to tell the full story of your event, and get exceptional photos like those you’ve seen in my gallery, I'll shoot for nine hours. If you decide you would like to add coverage on the days before or after your wedding, I can offer you the coverage option of three or nine hours. For special cases, like elopements, I stay flexible and recommend we talk to work out the best option for you guys!

Do you offer private sessions or extra days of coverage?

You can request extra days for events; such as pool party, welcome cocktail, rehearsal dinner, post wedding brunch, or an engagement session. If you want an especially fun and creative photoshoot experience I suggest you choose my “break the rules session”, a personalized portrait session that is destined to blow your mind.

Please tell me more about your Break the Rules Session.

As the name says, in these sessions we break the rules of the documentary style. Without the pressure of your wedding day we get a chance to play and create one of a kind fine-art photographs. This is the place where I allow myself to interfere, modify or give you direction. Essentially, we have a blast making photos together, rather than me working alone to document your story. These sessions can be done one or two days after the wedding or a couple of months later, whenever destiny would have us meet again. Come prepared for a super cool and artsy session, dedicated to shooting photos like these, There is no limit to what we can imagine together! Break the Rules Sessions last between one and three hours, depending on the number of locations, as well as the time we spend traveling between them.

Do you have any policy regarding other people taking photographs?

I am used to people shooting photos all through the day. All I ask is that they respect that I am working hard to cover your complete story. Who knows? I may show up in other people’s frames (after all, a ninja is not always invisible) LOL.

Should we make a time plan based on your wedding photography?

There is no need for you to think about me. Just trust me to go with the flow. The organization of your wedding, including the location and timing are all part of your story. Please make your plans based on what you want, and I will use all my skills, tricks, and experience to capture the moments exactly as they happen. In the end, it's about me adapting to your plans and not the other way around! The happiest couples I've ever seen, are the ones that enjoyed their wedding without a care in the world, and that is what I want you to do. Just relax and enjoy yourselves while I do the hard work in my restless ninja style!

Nothing beats the innocent moments

What happens if you are unable to photograph my event?

I am happy to say that for over a decade I have never missed a shoot and I hope with all my heart that never happens. However, my contract does guarantee my services, so you won’t be left holding the bag. This is one of the things we can discuss more thoroughly at our first meeting.

How long does it take to receive my photos?

You should expect your photos in four to six weeks after your event. I will send you an email before that time to let you know the exact date of delivery.

Do your digital files come with watermarks?

No! My files are always watermark free because I don’t want to mess with the look of the photographs. For that reason, it would be lovely if you give me credit or mention my name when sharing.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Because I hold your date and most of my clients book way in advance, I do withhold your initial retainer if your event is cancelled. In case of emergency or if you need to change the date, if I am available I do everything in my power to reschedule it and no cancellation needed.

Can you help us out to print our photos?

Yes! In fact, I recommend that you do print them with me because it brings a special magic to the final product. When hard drives are damaged, printed photos become invaluable. Plus, you simply can’t get the same experience viewing a photo on a screen as the one you get touching a high-quality photo print. Of course, you have the right to print your high-resolution files anywhere you choose. Just remember printing is a critical part of the photography process so I encourage you to ask me for recommendations.

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