The Cape Cabo Wedding | Los Cabos, Mexico

This amazing venue is one of the most fabulous location in Cabo San Lucas. The mood of the hotel is so cool, very contemporary and modern, with an iconic dark-gray minimalist building | The Cape Cabo Wedding

All the couples that I have photographed marrying in The Cape Cabo Hotel are awesome people :-)

Indeed, I think it's not a hotel for everyone, The Cape is for fearless couples who are looking for a great minimalist design and people who love surf (the beach Misiones, right in front of the hotel, is very known between surfers)... I simply love to shoot in The Cape!


And right there is where Anndee & Kumani tieded the knot! An outstanding very easy going couple from California USA, surrounded by a group of 65 guests between their closest family and friends. But let me share with you a little more about them and their adorable wedding story...

When I asked them in our first email to talk a bit of themselves, they told me: “We are both food & wine hobbyist and love to travel to enjoy this hobby. We are active, yet easy going & enjoy being spontaneous. Kumani is an attorney & Anndee works in tech.”

Well, as I have already asserted on many occasions, enjoying being spontaneous is a must to fully express yourselves on your wedding day! Cuz if any of you are worried, thinking about anything else, or just pretending or presuming, it shows! As the famous Christian Dior used to say:

"Elegance must be the right combination of distinction, naturalness, care and simplicity"...

I hope you guys enjoy, like me, these "spontaneous" photographs of this unique wedding.

—Honest Visual Storytelling for weddings

—Honest Visual Storytelling for weddings

What I most enjoyed about this wedding:

  • The connection we felt from the beginning was great.

From their first emails, Anndee & Kumani asked many questions, which is perfect! You have doubts? Do you want to know if there is a change to do something, or just want to ask a random question to find out more about who will be in charge of your wedding photography? During the first stage of the hiring, all the questions are legitimate and of great help to solve your doubts... The more questions you ask at the beginning, the more I will be free on your wedding day and so better photos will get... In doubt, ask . I completely agree!

  • Big panoramic windows all around the bride and groom’s rooms.

This is great for two reasons: First, because technically speaking, there is more exposure range between highlights and shadows. I mean that because a lot of light gets inside the room and it bounces everywhere, the difference between the exterior and interior light (outdoors and indoors) is not as great as it is in a room with regular-sized windows, so I can play more with the quality of the exposure in the room. Second, because if in the same photograph I can easily read the two scenes, then thanks to the good light I can tell the story in the same frame but with more details, with greater depth of field, more drama and therefore more interesting compositions.

Annde & Kumani

  • The weather was very good!

Despite having been a very warm October day with considerable humidity, the light was incredible all day long. Great blue skies and a beautiful golden hour.

  • The music! OMG, it was so good.

You can see the people’s faces on the reception photos LOL ... Really cool great music, what makes all the difference at the moment of "activating" the people to dance ;-)

Wedding Tip of the day:

Music is very important! Choose the right DJ for you, it's your wedding, your party, your music. You will remember forever the celebration, who were there, their faces and their bodies dancing to the music or just trying something good enough for the dance floor, LOL ... When the people that are important to you are invited to celebrate your wedding, they give the best of themselves, they are happy and move with the sound of the music; but when ALL the people give the best of themselves, all together on the dance floor, it is also because there is good music of course. So, make sure you choose the right music or choose a great DJ!

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