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Let’s start with this big statement: For me and my photography, is all about the authenticity and honesty of the moment to tell the story

Since I was very young I realized that photography fascinates me, and being as up and doing as I am, I became a permanent challenger of myself and my photography; always attempting to incorporate to my shots all the things I have lived, seen, learned, enjoyed and admired, throughout my journey in this happy life.

My daily challenge is to achieve the goals of my photography, in order to be a narrative element with some peculiar visual characteristic that is created with an auspicious use of the 'true circumstances of each decisive moment', all at once

I am convinced that the fundament of storytelling is the story itself. The story about the people, the place, the temperature, the mood and the light, to say something... I mean, all the actions and interactions of a whole bunch of circumstances, happening all around in a truthful moment of our life.

When I think about the foundation of photojournalism that teaches a true documentalist is expected to observe and record events as they unfold without any interference or adulteration, I can't stop but thinking about honest storytelling; and also believing that it applies to any field, for instance: I think that wedding photojournalism is all about shooting the best unscripted moments of your wedding story.

As I see it, a wedding surely is a kind of life-changing moment in life. Right!? So, wouldn't it be great if you were completely unconcerned about the photographer, to concentrate with all your energy to FULLY ENJOY YOUR DAY!?

Talking particularly about wedding photography, if you think you MUST have the traditional wedding photographs (those pictures that maybe you took for someone else such as your family, or just because everybody does), it will be better if you hire a wedding photographer. Because this is a cold fact:

My photography is not for everybody, it’s for bold souls, those who dare to enjoy life in the most real, natural and authentic way...

DO YOU!? :)

If you are willing to trust me and let yourself be carried away by that mood of natural authenticity and the excitement of having a genuine coverage of your wedding day, then I am your guy! All I ask is to trust me enough to let me be completely free while I blend in your celebration day, so I can tell your real story.

I know it sounds kind of radical, to say that I won't make ANY interference or adulteration to shoot the photographs of your wedding day. I also understand some people would feel distressed if they don't have the famous "must have wedding photos", repeated again and again in wedding photography.

For example, cake cutting! How many photos have you seen of a couple feeding each other? It’s a classic, but not everyone wants this picture and not everyone thinks that the wedding is a formal and traditional event, more than a joyful celebration.

"If I don't have red, I use blue" —Pablo Picasso.
"If I don't have red, I use blue" —Pablo Picasso.
"If I don't have red, I use blue" —Pablo Picasso.

I think every person has its own personality, and each moment its own memory. I prefer to focus on giving you my biggest effort, so you can relax and enjoy your day while I do the hard-work with my restless ninja style :)

Btw, I strongly believe the photographer is the one who must do the rough work, to achieve the best possible look with the real circumstances of the moment; with no need to direct or interfere with the naturalness of the moment.

So I like to joke saying that I am some kind of ninja, always alert and moving, silent, effective and sharpened, making my presence unnoticed.

In other words, I definitely think that you shouldn't modify not even one decision for your wedding day based on the photography. Therefore, if you trust me to be your storyteller the only thing you will have to do is to enjoy your day, with bold authenticity!

If you want to know more details of my way of working, I recommend reading the Faq's and Facts post. Thanks for staying tuned folks,

See you around!

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