The Wedding Photography Evolution

You should know more about all possibilities, the wedding photography has changed through the years. The other side of wedding photography, Honest Visual Storytelling. The Wedding Photography Evolution

What is the wedding photography about? What can we really achieve by taking wedding photos?

Every person should answer in a different way, is so personal. My opinion about weddings has changed through the years, today I neither feel nor seek for the same as three or nine years ago. Same purpose, same passion, but with different vision and experience, now I have another perception and conscience about the way I’m shooting and all my modus operandi. Or for something, similar vision but more accurate, tailor-made by me for me. It’s kind of personal to take photos, it always should be.

That’s why I strongly believe that the bride and groom don’t actually need a photoshoot in a wedding day, it’s not necessary. I don’t want to tell them to do something for me, to talk “pretending I’m not there, so they can feel more natural”. Right, at one feet of distance!

LOL ... I’m just being sarcastic, yes because it’s a topic which is great and interesting to talk about. Most people don’t know why they are having a photoshoot, maybe just for being part of the routine of every wedding, right? ... Which maybe could be long and painful hahaha, or very fast and with a “natural looking mood” or on different locations or spots; there are many ways to achieve the art we want. But as I see it, that photoshoot is a time when you are supposed to escape from reality to create something. We do not need to withdraw from the celebration to create a photograph, I do not need to create any photo to tell your wedding story. I truly believe that in the celebration itself there is so much to see and admire enough to deserve to be remembered... Can you imagine how many things are actually happening in a wedding day? So why should I create a different environment or mood for the session when the true celebration is happening somewhere else?

20 to 90 continuous minutes posing for the photographer, in my opinion is a lot and unnecessary. The reason a couple want a picture together, usually is because they want to be good looking “at least in a few photos” (but who says they do not look good in the moment? LOL). It’s my task to find beauty and uniqueness in the moment, without posing ;-)

I know wedding photography still need that kind of “must have” shots, because some people would feel safer doing what most people do.

Storytelling for weddings is kind of different, the picture you want together will not be arranged by me, but it will be a fugacious moment, happened as it was born, honest, no faking or pretending. It’s all about authenticity, be real, be bold, brave and love ourselves. And it’s my job to focus on these moments and capture the real essence of you.

If you think that if you don’t have a photoshoot in the wedding day, you will not have great photos of the two of you looking good; you’re wrong. It’s my experience, vision and my task to work hard (with the ninja style) to take amazing photos in the moment, capturing moments between moments, without direction. Just live the moment, enjoy and relax, I’ll do the rest! And trust me, there will be many many times where you will be together on YOUR wedding day.

Live your life, live your story. I would love to tell your story.

In this small 30 seconds video there are great, intimate and real, 100% organic moments; bride & groom only with a taste of all the celebration and love among with it. These photographs are made by moments that just happened as they unfold, no planning or directing only pure joy. 85% of the couples even didn’t realize I was shooting!

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