Breaking The Rules of Wedding Photography

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Let’s Break The Rules!

That's right, in this post we'll talk about how we can break the rules together! ;-) But do not worry, I'm not talking about breaking any public law, neither about the teens song 'Break The Rules' LOL...

I mean my own rules...

So, How to break the rules of Dennis Berti and his photography style!?

—What are you talking about Dennis? ... haha I know, it sounds crazy to talk about rules and then talk about how to break them, but let me explain myself better...
I have shared with you the story behind my personal path in photography, it has been an engrossing journey in which I live exploring and stretching my limits to find my own voice… Thanks to that continuous exploration, I have well defined the answers to what moves me, what is my personal philosophy and my artistic vision… The detailed explanation of these questions can especially be found in this link; but if I had to summarize it now in a different and more appropriate way for the topic of this post, I could say that my photography does not require poses or needs to "accommodate" things to obtain an aesthetic or artistic photograph.

I enjoy telling stories in an organic way, photographing fluidly whatever and however things are happening, with the purest honesty of not making any alteration or manipulation. This is the common denominator of all my collection of photographs that I expose here on my site, in this I believe and that is why I present them as:

Honest Visual Storytelling.

Taking weddings as an example: I truly believe that the day of the wedding does not need any session dedicated exclusively to the couple. Simply because there are so many things that already happen naturally around the bride and groom during the celebration, that for me it is essential to pay attention to all that. Not only because it is more than enough material to tell the real wedding story, but also it is what allows me to portray the most beautiful authenticity of the celebration itself and all the people who are part of it, without the need for the couple to lose any moment of happiness next to them…

However, I do not deny that my creative spirit impels me to explore other ways of expressing myself and also creating art outside the limits of the day of the celebration, making a small exception to my usual way of working to cover an event! :-)

Breaking the rules of my photography

The sessions give me the opportunity to work with different objectives for your photo by expressing things with a different visual impact and having new creative stimuli to create the moment instead of capturing it ... And this is precisely what I propose that we do together in a post-wedding session:

Breaking The Rules to Make Art.

The next day or the days after the wedding we can break the rules and do something creative together, out of the ordinary and maybe something crazy that you or I have in mind!… If you give me the same confidence as on your wedding day, the day after we can afford to play and experiment with photography to create a collection of artistic, quirky and aesthetic photos.

Cabo Wedding Photographer

At the end, on the day of the wedding I get a lot of material to tell the story of the big day with photos, but in a session like "Breaking The Rules" everything is different: with a bit of direction we create magic and together we make art (although we break the rules of Dennis Berti LOL, but for a good purpose, right? haha)... And I assure you that in addition to having exclusive and unique photos, you will enjoy the session and all the process. Guaranteed!

The possibilities are endless, the sky is the limit, and I love the idea!

A ‘BTR’ session can last from a minimum of one hour to a gross maximum of three, in case there is a need to change the location or if the transportation to get there is a bit more complicated. You can use the same apparel that you used on your wedding day or a completely different wardrobe, depending on the vision we pursue ... But of all the rules we broke that day, there is only one that can not be broken: the session is for before or after the wedding, only it CAN NOT be the same day of the wedding because there I will be busy taking pictures of your best moments ...

Remember: "Rules are created to protect the status quo —not to spur innovation."

So, what do I recommend? Discuss it together, say possible locations, the "mood of the session" and what we want to achieve with it. Because considering that we have many options, many possibilities also open up!

In recent years, I have taken photo shoots to couples in breathtaking locations where the location was a key point, sessions with a greater editorial or fashion trend, boudoir sessions, "water activities" with wedding dresses or Trash The Dress kind of sessions (which some also call "Fearless Bridal" or "Rock the Frock"), sessions on yachts, and even who has decided to turn a "regular" session of Engagement in Mexico into something more creative and out of the box, etc... What I suggest is to have a talk with you about the possibilities and find together the best option for you. Everything depends on the time we have available, choice of locations and the "mood" chosen, but I assure you something: If you like these types of photos, it's great, we can do magic together! So drop me a line and let's make some art!

So, if you would like to have a photo session and you have never done it or you have not encouraged yourself, it is a good time for you to also "Break your own rules"... Oh yeah!

We are in touch, you know where to find me.

Good vibes, D.

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