Real Moments Wedding Photography | Photo Story #1

Real Moments Wedding Photography | The story behind a photograph | Wedding Photo Story #1 The centaur bride | Sunset Da Mona Lisa | Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

This is the first official post of my Short Photo Story series :-) From this time forward, I will share with you more details about the real story behind each feature photograph and which were the general conditions that made it happened... So, let's start with this photo called:

"The centaur bride"

I remember I took this photograph in a moment of transition while bride, groom and all the bridal party were changing location to shoot some photos on the beach... And of course, I followed!

General conditions:

  • Location: Beach road between the Sunset Da Mona Lisa Restaurant and the beach Misiones in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  • When (Wedding Stage): Time between the end of the cocktail hour and the beginning of the wedding reception
  • Exact Time: 5:27pm (30 minutes before sunset time)
  • Gear: Nikon D5 + Nikon 58mm F1.4

To get to the beach (B) it took us about 5 minutes to walk from starting point (A)

To get to the beach (B) it took us about 5 minutes to walk from starting point (A)

As you know, when I'm in coverage I always take photos, no resting, always trying to capture moments, and moments between moments

I believe that between the ceremony and the end of the cocktail hour, there are always so many things that are happening, even when apparently "nothing" happens because it is only a moment of transition between two "important" parts of the day... I always shoot, you never know what you might lose :-)

During the walk, one of the bridesmaids was holding the bride's dress to make it easier for her, and considering that the bride had already taken off her shoes ... There! At that precise moment, I noticed the peculiar shape the dress had taken, in relation to the bride's posture! and so, the centaur—bride was born.

"The centaur bride"

Sometimes you feel that you have take this picture because it is just incredible, either by simple intuition, or simply to pursue an idea... no matter how crazy it may be!

I'm practically always shooting, because I do not want to miss anything. Even if it is only in my mind and I do not have the camera in my hands. But, in this case I remember that I was walking backwards, in continuous movement, waiting until the legs of the bride were a little more "far away” and open, to give the impression of the centaur's walk, as if they were the two frontal paws (or legs) of the centaur, cause the rear legs/paws were hidden by the dress :-)

And this is the coolness of a wedding, you never know what will happen or how. And depending on the photographer's vision, that can take an interesting direction. It's not just about beauty, romance and love. It's all about real moments wedding photography. I also pursue humor, art, juxtaposition. And this is the interesting and challenging part: every wedding has a completely different story to offer! ... and I think it's good for a photographer to take all kinds of photos that he has in mind according to his vision and style. So sit down and grab your seat belt, just enjoy your wedding day my dear bride, the final delivery will reveal many moments that you did not even notice!

See you at the next Short Photo Story,

Di Lusso

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