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Sharing with you real reviews about my photography. A glance of what people interested on hire me think about my vision, with their own words

What things do you like most about my photography?

This is the kind of post that I really enjoy to talk about, because thanks to all the answers below (friendly asked to some people), I seriously understood better which kind of photographer I am.

When you are taking photos, either for yourself or for work, it is always good to know who you are and what you want to achieve with each photo that you take. Is a natural and instinctive process, in wich every photograph is the result of articulating all your thoughts at the moment you shot it... Amazing!

What about you? Do you think you have actually taken the time to understand yourself deeply as a photographer? :-)

That’s why years ago I started sending a questionnaire to people interested in hiring me for a particular job

The main purpose of the questionnaire is to better understand their needs but also to make sure that I am a good fit for them. So, one of the most significant questions for me in the survey is: "What things do you like most about my photography?" Here I will share some of the answers that have touched my heart (btw, infinite thanks folks!)...

I created this post because I want to share with you what people think about my vision. The real opinions about my photography, with their own words :-)

And It's not just some nice words about my work so I can sleep happily (Oh, yes, I sleep peacefully and happily, thanks for asking! lol)... But the focal point here, is to understand more about your own photography, thanks to the words of those who already grasp, appreciate and are engaged with your style or art work. This way you can associate your style with more adjectives, words, concepts, styles, etc ... and it will make you understand some more things or simply confirm others, or both. Anyway, you win!

While reading, you'll probably find below some words that you may like. Some answers may even accurately reflect what you want to feel about a photograph or what you really need a photograph for

Please find the follow opinions I collected in the last years about my photography, I really hope this post helps you to have a better idea of my photography, or as I was saying a few lines above, just confirming the right choice ;-)

Di Lusso!

This is what they said they like most about my pictures:

—"When I view your portfolio... I found the images to capture mood and emotion in a natural setting. I look for photos that provide a clear depiction of how the subject feels at that perfect moment

—"Style... you capture the moments in a way that are both candid and full of emotion and at the same time look like they belong in a magazine

—"I love that your photos are not staged... and that they capture real moments rather than fake, engineered scenes. I always thought it was silly that after the ceremony, the bridal party spends an hour taking dozens of fake photos while the guests either stand around waiting or start partying. As I’m asking friends and family to fly from all over the US to attend my wedding, I want to be celebrating with them, not pretending to have a good time for the sake of a photo album!"

—"Emotions, truth, art, originality, details... the way you see and deliver the moment and what’s behind it"

—"I absolutely feel your passion for photography... and love that your work truly reflects your goal of being a story teller"

—"I sensed right away... there was something different in your style of capturing the feelings. It was very lively and had a lot of pizazz! Very creative and not the same old same old picture..... you didn’t chop off people’s feet in the picture!!!!"

—"Every time I’ve looked at your photographs... I find myself emotionally moved by them – they’re truly capturing the feelings of the day whether they be silly, wild, pure joy, or total love, and I love that!"

—I rather to be honest than impressive.


—"Your photographs capture... those little moments between moments that people don’t remember, but would treasure because they will never exist again. Composition and lighting so natural in a way that just comes from being a well trained ninja"

—"I think... the thing that caught my eye the most is the candid nature of the subjects captured. It’s evident you have an eye for light and composition and want to capture honest moments. The lighting isn’t seemingly artificial and the photos aren’t staged. I also enjoy a mix of high contrast and warmth"

—"The composition... the character, the happiness and the cinematic feeling"

—"I love the way... that your photographs are composed. The subject of the photograph is not always in the obvious place. I love how you play with the light and shadows in your photos as well. Typical wedding photos are always very BRIGHT, have no shadows, or composition. Everyone stands in the middle of the photo and smiles in the same pose. They all look very boring and ubiquitous. I also love that you are able to capture the emotion of the moment in the photograph. I noticed that your photographs are candid – the way photographs should be! Posed photographs are awkward and no one looks natural. Plus, no one looks perfect all the time, and photos where people look like themselves are the best! I told Daniel that I wanted a photographer who could capture one photograph that shows how we FEEL for each other. I think that you would be able to capture one and many more of those types of photographs"

—"There are several reasons :) ... They are candid, they capture such great emotion at what seems to be the most perfect moments, captures great detail not only on a specific subject but in the surroundings. I like how the some photos are very personal yet the photo is taken away at enough distance (if that makes sense) ... I could go on!"

—"They are genuine and un-staged... We do not want posed photographs. We’re looking for more of a documentary/artistic style of photography. We live in NYC and like a little grit. We’d love for our photos to represent a little of that side"

—"They are not your typical staged... wedding photographs which is exactly what we are after. They captured every moment perfectly, the lighting, the colors, the tears and funny facial expressions. The photo of the older lady with her tongue out was classic! Photography for our wedding is extremely important to us, we want to be able to look back over every photograph and have a smile or memory of that moment. We have done a fair amount of research into photographers but we were both captivated by the variety and level of class and elegance of your work. We loved the ninja reference too! :)"

—"Your photography is... dramatic without being over-styled with an excellent use of light and composition. I also really like the photojournalistic quality – you’re capturing the subjects at their best, without causing them to look stiff, unnatural or awkward"

—"You capture emotions... your style is different. it has a different vibe from most pictures I see where people are forced to pose to take pictures at their wedding. Yours is just natural and spontaneous"

That's all for today folks, see you around

Thanks for staying tuned! (if not yet, you can always subscribe to the bottom 'keep in touch' link).

Good vibes to everyone!

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