Intimate Wedding | JW Marriott, Mexico

JW Marriott Los Cabos Wedding: An intimate and relaxed destination wedding at JW Marriott Los Cabos, Mexico

About eight months before this wedding date, I received an email from an incredible American couple: the one and only Jordanna & Zachry. She is an attorney & he is an insurance brokerage owner, a great match ;-) They have a pair of old german shorthaired pointers, and they both love to golf and just to relax and slow down. They are hard workers, so they really cherish the moments sitting down and chilling out.

That’s the reason they decided on a beach destination wedding: so they can just slow down and relax

The wedding was held at the JW Marriott Los Cabos, it was my first wedding there since the official opening. I had one shooting for an editorial issue, but no marriages.

Do I like the hotel? Yes! It’s not my favorite Cabo wedding venue; however, it’s a great hotel to shoot at. There are long and high hallways, great games of shadows, which makes it more interesting, with a different touch. It’s a large hotel with ample open-end space. I’m sure you can find your perfect private spot between large terraces, high walls, and trees.

—The light in the
JW Marriott is fantastic!


  • Peaceful day.

During the wedding day, the mood, volume, and activities of the whole wedding group were peacefully smooth.

As you know, with my honest and visual storytelling, I’m trying to capture the real essence of the couple and their closest family and friends. If after 30 minutes of the beginning of the party, the 50% of the guests are drunk, I’m cool with that :-) If this is how the story happens, why should I have to change it, right? On the other hand, if the party is more intimate, calm, and relaxed, it’s incredible too. The point is always telling the real story, whatever it is the essence or mood of each wedding I’m gonna try my best to capture it as it unfolds, and it’s always thrilling and challenging. Awesome!

  • Kids around.

I had four kids gamboling around during all the wedding day, since getting ready until the party. Kids are free souls, they do whatever they want, they are safe at weddings while the parents are enjoying the celebrations. Is like they make their won celebration LOL I enjoy taking photos of them, all the time!

  • The light in the JW Marriott is fantastic.

There are such great opportunities, between high lattice walls, shades coming from trees, and large terraces, love it. I can play more with the contrast and the colors of my scenes.

I especially loved the library: the light coming from the large windows was spectacular. I could have been shooting the whole wedding there and be happy :-)

  • The first dance!

It was memorable, a fun moment full of the grace of such an adorable couple. See for yourself :-)

Wedding tip of the day (for all brides and grooms)

Have fun guys, enjoy the celebration, and don’t worry about absolutely nothing. The time will literally fly on your wedding day, and if you contrive to enjoy every single situation or moment, you will have no regret. Live every minute of the day as a special one. Feel, taste, and embrace the real emotions and feelings of such a special day :-)

JW Marriott Los Cabos Beach Resort & Spa

The happiest couples I had seen in my life and career, had been those who just enjoy the wedding, the celebration, and each step of it thoroughly. The most unhappy couples? The ones they care too much about the wedding in the sense of timelines or worried too much when something came out not exactly as expected, etc.

Live life, be bold, be brave, be fearless. After all, it’s your wedding. Yours!

So, everyone to enjoy ... that I do the hard work! ;-) See you in the next post, thanks for staying tuned!

Di Lusso

Unscripted Wedding Photography

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